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Swift™ FX Bella For Her Nasal Pillows Mask

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The ResMed™ Swift™ FX Bella and Bella Gray nasal pillows masks feature a minimalist design to reinforce a sense of freedom and a fluid, choose Between Traditional Headgear or Innovative Bella Loops.

For the Swift™ FX Bella mask, ResMed is offering two choices of headgear so you can ensure your ideal fit! Choose between securing your nasal pillows mask with ear loops or the original Swift FX headgear which wraps around your entire head. Both headgear styles use a low-profile and ultra-lightweight soft silicone to deliver CPAP therapy in extreme comfort.

Soft Sleeves and Wraps Offer Comfort You Can Feel
Each headgear option includes a set of fleece sleeves or a soft wrap designed to soften contact with your face and help prevent the silicone equipment from slipping out of place.

Easily Maintain Your Bedtime Routine
The practically-invisible frame of the Bella mask lets you begin your therapy while indulging in your nighttime routines (even with glasses on), like watching the big game or browsing your favorite online retailer.

Ideal For Side Sleepers and People with Sensitive Skin
Go ahead, sleep on your side if you like. The base of the mask cushion includes an integrated flexible chamber that offers stability and accommodates movement-even while maintaining a reliable seal-allowing you to switch sleeping positions to maximize your comfort. Nasal pillows with dual-wall flaps enhance your comfort and support, too.

Your Choice of Color Includes Three Sizes of Pillow Options
The Bella Pink includes Extra Small, Small, and Medium pillows, while the Bella Gray features Small, Medium, and Large pillows. All pillow sizes are interchangeable with the mask frame.

Whisper-Quiet Operation Clocks in at 25 Decibels
Exhaled air flows out gently through the quiet vent ports along the frame, limiting airflow noise and dampening audible motor whine.

What’s Included:

  • Mask
  • Headgear
  • Pillows (Selected Sizes)
  • Soft Wrap for Headgear
  • Soft Sleeps for Straps
  • Swift FX


  • Multiple Headgear Options
  • Fleece Headgear Sleeves
  • Open Sight Line
  • Flexible Cushion Chamber
  • Your Choice of Color Includes Three Sizes of Pillow Options
  • Operates at just 25 Decibels

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XSmall, Small, Medium


Click to open/download the Swift FX Bella For Her Nasal Pillows Mask manual

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