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Brevida Nasal Pillow Mask

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AirPillow Seal Reduces Skin Irritation and Creates a Better Seal
Designed to stop seal dislodging and reduce nasal irritation, the AirPillow nasal pillow cushion fits inside the nostrils and around the nose rather than just in each nostril. The minimalist triangular shape features thin, extended cushion walls to offer a more consistent seal. For increased stability at inhalation, the AirPillow seal inflates to move the soft inflatable nasal pillows closer to the nose. At exhale, the material releases, allowing for ease of breath at every stage of your sleep apnea therapy.

Adjustable Headgear Creates a Comfortable Fit and Strong Seal
For a comfortable fit that helps maintain a strong seal, you can make adjustments to the fit by increasing or decreasing the strap’s tension with the adjustable Velcro tabs. Colored straps help you easily distinguish the exterior headgear strap (blue) from the headgear straps that attach to a headgear clip (beige).

Color-Coded Connection Points Make Assembly Easy
Unique to the Brevida pillow mask, VisiBlue features color-coded parts for simple, efficient assembly. The headgear and short tube with swivel feature VisiBlue highlights for easier assembly of key mask components to encourage successful CPAP therapy.

Versatile Nasal Pillow Sizing Aims for Accuracy
Get the right fit the first time with nasal pillow sizing that accommodates a wide range of facial structures and nostril sizes. Choose from extra-small/small or medium/large.

Increase Movement With Short Tube and Swivel
The short tube and swivel connect to the nasal pillow cushion opening, allowing space between the mask and CPAP hose. This space creates more mobility for the user, so you aren’t tethered to one sleeping position.

Washable Air Diffuser Helps Quiet Your Night
The air diffuser dramatically reduces noise and prevents exhaled air from blowing toward your partner. Maintain functionality and prolong the equipment’s life by washing the diffuser cap and filter once a week.

What’s Included:

  • Cushion
  • Headgear
  • Headgear Clips
  • Diffuser Cap
  • Mask Frame
  • Elbow
  • Short Tube with Swivel

All products purchased come with a manufactures standard warranty.

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XSmall/Small, Medium/Large

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