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AirFit™ N20 For Her Nasal Mask

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The AirFit™ N20 is a nasal CPAP mask designed to be so easy to put on and use that you may not even need the fitting instructions or rules. It offers a simple, modular design and magnetic clips, which guide the masks headgear to its frame quickly and easily. The N20 CPAP Mask fits a remarkable 99% of patients in a recent international fitting study. The technology of the infinity seal cushion, soft frame, and plush headgear provide comfort along with versatility, making this mask a very user-friendly comfortable mask for your CPAP therapy.

Nasal CPAP masks styles are usually prescribed to users that are new to therapy or have a prescribed pressure less than 10 cm/H2O as it is a good gateway to adjusting to either a nasal pillow style or full-face style of CPAP mask in the future. Let’s just say that nasal family of masks fit right in the middle of nasal pillow style (minimal contact but inserts into nose) and full-face style (bulky but allows you to breathe through the nose and mouth). The N20 series is significantly lighter than the Mirage series of ResMed™ nasal masks.


  • InfinitySeal™ Cushion: The infinity seal cushion is the most adaptive silicone cushion ResMed has designed. Features specially designed loops and varying thickness levels designed to prevent blowout, in order to create a secure seal and prevent mask leaks.
  • Soft Padded Frame: The frame is flexible and soft to the touch with integrated padding to help avoid irritation, the frame is flexible, adapting to your personalized fit and changing positions during the night.
  • Clear Field of Vision: The frame rests just below the eyes to keep line of sight open for reading or watching TV.
  • Magnetic Clips and Quick Release Elbow: The magnetic clips attach to the headgear and lock onto the mask frame, allowing headgear adjustments to remain in place if the mask is taken off. The quick release elbow allows for disconnection of the mask from the CPAP hose for times when you need to get up at night.
  • Short, Flexible Tube: The flexible tube interconnects the elbow to the machine tube, giving you more freedom of movement without encountering tube drag or leakage. The short flexible tube can connect to any CPAP or BiPAP/VPAP tube.

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Click to open/download the AirFit N20 For Her Nasal Mask manual

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