How do I pick between Full Face, Nasal, Nasal Pillows, and Nasal Cradle Mask?
There are many different styles of mask to pick from. The most non-invasive masks on the markets are Nasal Pillows Masks or Nasal Cradle Masks, as they are small, light weight and just fit under the nose. When picking a PAP mask, you need to consider a few things.

Are you a mouth breather?
Most people think they breath through their mouth while they sleep. Mouth breathing is common for people who have a sleep disorder. It may become a habit to sleep with your mouth open to help accommodate your oxygen needs. Once the sleep disorder has been corrected with PAP therapy the majority of people will return to nasal breathing. Natural mouth breathing can occur if you suffer from some sort of nasal obstruction. Such as deviated septum, previous broken nose/nasal surgery, sinus issues, or allergies. If you have any of these issues, then a Full-Face mask would be your best option. (F20, F30, DreamWear Full Face, Simplus)

Do you move around in your sleep?
Some people toss and turn in their sleep. This can cause the mask to shift and leaks to occur. If you toss and turn consider a mask that has a connection at the top of your head (DreamWear Nasal, P30i, N30i). Or consider a mask that has sufficient headgear to keep your mask stable on your face. (N20, Eson2, Wisp, AirFit F20, Vitera)

Do you have Glasses?
Some clients like to be able to wear their glasses while wearing their PAP mask as they are preparing for bed. If this is the case a mask that does not have a stability bar would be a good option. Such as Nasal Pillows, or Nasal Cradle (N20, Wisp, DreamWisp, N30, P30, P10, Dreamwear Nasal, Evora, Brevida) If you are a month breather you may need a full face mask which fits under your nose and around your month. (DreamWear Full Face, F30)

Are you Claustrophobic?
Some clients feel claustrophobic when wearing a PAP mask, especially if it is too bulky and obstructive. Try a simple Nasal pillows mask or Nasal Cradle mask which are less invasive, and light weight.

Do you suffer from sensitive skin?
Some clients break out easily while wearing their PAP mask. In this case you may consider a nasal pillow mask that makes direct contact with the nares, to limit the amount of contact on your skin (P10, P30i, Dreamwear Nasal). Another option is a memory foam mask (AirTouch F20/N20) as the foam may cause less skin irritation.

Do you have a beard or mustache?
Some clients have a hard time getting a good seal when they have facial hair. A mask with Memory Foam could be a good option to help maintain a mask seal. (AirTouch F20, or AirFit N20) You may also consider a nasal pillow mask that makes direct contact in the nares. (P30i, P10, DreamWear Nasal Gel Pillows, Brevida)