CPAP Supply Replacement Guide

Auto Resupply Subscription

– sign up to get your CPAP supplies mailed out to you automatically every 3-6 months

How to Sign up – Sign up for auto resupply subscription when you select an item or at check out. Simply select the items you would like to replace and at what frequency, 3 or 6 months. We will save your information and Credit card info and automatically mail out your supplies along with your invoice at your selected Frequency. Free Shipping on orders over $99, and you can cancel subscription at any time.

Why Auto Resupply Subscription? We have created this auto resupply subscription to help our customers succeed with CPAP therapy. Most issues with CPAP therapy occur when supplies are not replaced according to manufactures recommendations. This is because CPAP supplies, such as mask and hose, water chamber start to wear over time and also become contaminated with bacteria. This can compromise your CPAP therapy as you may develop mask leak, and re occurring illnesses from bacteria.

Recommended Replacement Guide

Mask seal – Replace at least every 1-3 months
Mask headgear – Replace at least every 3-6 months
Unit filter – Replace at least every 1-3 months
Hose – Replace at least every 3-6 months
Mask – Replace at least every 3-6 months
Water Chamber – Replace at least every 3- 6 months

Why Replace Supplies?
Due to the plastic nature of these supplies, they do start to show signs of normal wear and tear after a few months. In order to receive your optimal level of pressure and succeed with CPAP therapy you want to make sure your supplies are clean and in good condition. When your mask seal or headgear start to wear down you may experience mask leaks which can lead to your not receiving full prescribed pressure. After a few months Bio-Film start to form on plastics and are no longer able to be washed away, there for harmful bacteria start to form, which can compromise your health.

CPAP Supply Replacement Guide

How often should I be replacing my CPAP supplies?

It is very important to follow the manufacturer guidelines for replacing PAP supplies. Such as filter, seals, headgear, mask, tubing and water chamber. Most extended health benefits will cover the cost of replacing CPAP supplies. If you are unsure of what is covered by your plan you can call us for assistance with this.

Filters: (1-3 months) Dust and debris can build up over time, which can lead to blockages, increased work for the motor and create unsanitary conditions. Replace more often if you have pets, a wood fireplace or allergies. A “flick” test is a good way to determine on a monthly basis how dirty your filter really is. Filters are not washable or reusable as this can compromise its integrity allowing dust and debris to pass into your PAP machine. A blocked filter can lead to a noisy PAP motor and also make you feel like you are not receiving your proper pressure.

Mask: (every 3-6 months) Masks need to be replaced every 3-6 months because of bacteria and general wear. Studies have shown that after 6 months PAP masks become resistant to cleaning causing bacteria build up forming a biofilm which cannot be washed away. Bacteria and molds can cause reoccurring illnesses. Because of normal wear and tear the mask will start to deteriorate becoming structurally compromised (soft/gummy/sticky) which causes a poor mask fit.

Tubing: (3-6 months) Tubing should be replaced every 3-6 months because of bacteria and general wear. Due to the humid environment, PAP tubing becomes a breeding ground for bacteria which is harmful to breathe in. Not only is it difficult to clean inside your tubing, studies have shown that after 6 months PAP tubing becomes resistant to cleaning causing bacteria build up forming a biofilm which cannot be washed away. The rubber on the tubing may soften and become stretched over time causing the tubing to form a poor connection with your mask and tubing may flatten which can affect your pressure delivery.

AirSense Water Chamber

Water chamber: (3-6 months) Water chambers should be replaced every 3-6 months because of bacteria and mold growth. The hard plastic will wear down over time causing discolouration, pits and cracks which can trap bacteria. The plastic and metal bottom of the chamber will expand and contract with the constant heating and cooling of the humidifier. Over time this will compromise your water chamber causing leaks. Calcium build up in the water chamber will lead to more bacteria growth.

Mask seal/cushion: (1-3 months) Dirt and oil from your skin can break down the silicone which will lead to a poor mask seal and leaks. Also this build up can lead to bacteria or yeast growth which can irritate the skin causing redness and sores.

Mask headgear: (3-6 months) Headgear becomes stretched over time due to normal wear and adjustments. Sweat and skin oil can become trapped in the material which can cause irritation. The Velcro can become worn out and will no longer hold.

PAP machine: (Every 5 years) Replacing your machine every 5 years will help ensure you continuously receive your prescribed therapy. Overtime your motor blower can become compromised leading to a noisy unit and insufficient pressure. Also the buttons, screen and humidifier plate may become worn and breakdown. Replacing your machine will give you access to new technology, enhanced comfort settings and exclusive therapy tracking.