Your included CPAP Warranty:

All CPAP/APAP/BiPAP units sold from Home Sleep Care come with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty on the blower & humidifier. In the first 3 years of your PAP purchase, if something fails with your unit, bring it into Home Sleep Care to receive a new unit. Hoses, masks and humidifier chambers are covered by a 90 day warranty

Optional Extended PAP Coverage:

If your 3-year manufacturer’s warranty has expired, and your PAP device is no longer functioning we will provide you with continued PAP coverage by providing you with a unit that you can use until you qualify for ADP funding at your 5-year anniversary. Extended PAP Coverage only applies to the blower, humidifier, and power supply.  (Does not include water chamber and tubing).  Your loaner unit must be returned to HSC (in good condition) within 30 days of your 5-year anniversary when you purchase your new unit with ADP funding.  Client is responsible for obtaining an updated PAP prescription to qualify for ADP funding.


AirSense 10 –      $200.00

S9 Escape –         $200.00

S9 Elite –             $200.00

S9 Auto –             $300.00

S9 VPAP Adapt – $600.00

S9 VPAP Auto – $400.00


DreamStation-       $200.00

REMstar Plus –      $200.00

REMstar Pro –       $200.00

REMstar Auto –     $300.00

BiPAP Auto –         $400.00

BiPAP Auto SV –    $600.00


ICON Novo –         $200.00

ICON Premo –       $200.00

ICON Auto –          $300.00

* Warranty does not cover humidifier chambers, hoses, filters or other accessories.*


* Warranty does not cover accidental damage.*

Such as:

misuse, traveling with water in chamber, dropping unit, unclean filter, pet damage etc…